So I have joined which according to their website

This is where all things gaming live.
Whether you’re a gamer, a network or a game creator, is the perfect way to show off your skills.

So I joined it, I have no idea what I’m going to use it for but if you would like to join click this link


Race Two: Ultimate Karting Sydney – Review

So round two has completed and i’m ok with the result,

The whole field was separated by a whole of a second which is pretty ridiculous seeing that about half the field, including myself had never been before to UKS and also indoor karting.

Me at UKS
Me at UKS (Photo from saikouguy)

Each of the sessions are shown below:

The total result is here:

The results from UKS
The results from UKS

I still can’t believe how awesome this series is, and how we are so close.

I came 14th out of 18 drivers which I pretty happy with, my goal in the series is to get at least a top ten finish.

My favourite corner
My favourite corner (Photo from Karts and Kebabs)


Hopefully I can do that at Luddenham next month, if you want to read the full review visit the official Karts and Kebabs website



Race One: Picton Karting Track – Review

So this is my first time being in a competition where i have some idea of what I am doing.

I am apart of the Karts and Kebabs Amateur Karting Series, below is the results for the first race at Piction Karting Track. I am pleasantly surprised that i did really well for my first race against 18 other drivers who either do racing professionally or as a hobby.

The results above are the qualifying, sadly I was stuck behind a slower driver that i couldn’t get past, on the track it winds down the hill to a very tight hairpin and gos up a hill. Being a bigger guy i couldn’t pass him up the hill and didn’t want to get penalised on my first race. So I got 15th being 2 seconds behind the leader.

Here is my fastest lap, next time the GoPro will be on my helmet not on my chest.


If you want to see the review of the event go to this website